McConkey-Johnston International Services for Nonprofits

It goes way beyond “fundraising.” McConkey/Johnston provides a wide variety of services aimed at helping your organization accomplish its vision. These include consulting services aimed at helping you develop comprehensive and integrated marketing and development programming. We also provide counsel in areas of organizational development and management and leadership training. Contact us about the following...

M/J Consulting Services
Development / Fundraising
- Major Donors
- Foundations
- Direct Mail
- Capital Campaigns
- Events
- and more...

Organization Development
- Organizational Assessments
- Strategic Planning
- Strategic Management Systems
- Strategic Board Development
- Balanced Scorecards
- Staff Development
- Team Building

M/J Strategic Marketing Services
- Annual Development Planning

Software Evaluation  
Software Conversion
- Marketing Assessments
- Market Research
- Advertising
- Communication Audits
- Public Relations
Database Design and Analysis
Branding/Identity Programs
Internet Assessment & Strategy Design

M/J Marketing & Creative Services

- Direct Mail Fund Raising
Core and Key Donor Programs
Copy Writing
- Foundation Proposals
Communications Design
- Advertising
- Brochures and Inserts
- Case For Support
- Press Kits
- Newsletter Design
- Publication Copy & Design
- Print and Mail Coordination

Let us work with you to analyze your nonprofit’s programs and create customized solutions that fit your needs and strategic objectives.