Direct mail fundraising for Christian ministries and organizations is still important -- and is still working! Direct mail remains a staple of most organizations' donor communications and fund raising strategies. How’s YOUR direct mail performing? Here are some hints for peak performance:

1. Frequency matters. Be sure you are mailing regularly to those who are interested in your organization.
2. Know your audience and segment your mailing list appropriately. Mail to those who are responsive to direct mail -- and save money by ignoring non-responsive segments.
3. Tell powerful stories...demonstrate how the reader’s involvement makes a difference.
4. Be specific. About the cause, the benefits, the cost to succeed and the cost if you don’t.
5. ASK. Be specific in crafting giving propositions.
6. Thank people for their partnership.

Measurement and analysis of your direct mail efforts is critical to long-term success. Knowing WHAT to measure is important. If you'd like to learn more, contact us. We'll show you how to refine your direct mail communications to achieve peak performance -- and maximize your direct mail success.