Creating a strong major donor program may be the most critical development strategy for your nonprofit.

Like most organizations, yours undoubtedly receives the majority of its income from a relatively small percentage of your donor file. How well are you taking care of those who are your significant partners?

Failure at the high end of your donor file can mean risking as much as 50%, 75%, even 80% or more of your annual income! So what should you do? What steps are critical in nurturing major donor relationships that are highly beneficial both to the donors and to the organization?

First, know your audience -- and the significance of their involvement. Learn everything you can about them, their likes, their dislikes, their concerns and their desires. Next, invest time in growing your relationship with these donors. Time and attention help build trust and confidence. Discuss meaningful opportunities and challenges that match their needs as well as yours. Most of all realize that your significant partners sense their value to your organization, even if you don't. Don't disappoint them!

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Raising significant funding for capital improvements or other major projects is a challenge every nonprofit will face.

But doing so without the proper approach can result in disaster. Be sure to include these critical steps:

1. Feasibility/Planning Study. Designed to discover beforehand your potential for success. Tragically, too many campaigns are failures due to neglecting this vital step.
2. Prospect Management Systems -- including identification, listing and evaluation. Know your targets and the plan for cultivating/soliciting their involvement.
3. Training and assignment. Who will be your solicitors? What will you do to equip and prepare them for success? What accountability systems will you use to ensure that the campaign unfolds as planned?
4. Communications plan. Many campaigns fail due to sending the wrong messages at the wrong time to the wrong audiences. Be sure your plan considers pre-campaign, as well as post-campaign communications.

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