Donor Value Management® and Donor Value Mapping®...

Is Donor Value Management® different from "development?"  A solid development program focuses on managing value for donors. A variety of programs and marketing approaches may be used, such as direct mail, core donor programs, personal cultivation and solicitation, and so on. Donor cultivation strategies play a vital role in generating sustaining relationships with those individuals that support your work.

But the most important aspect is understanding the RIGHT approach for the selected donor groups. That is where understanding individual and collective donor preferences can radically reshape your resource development strategies.

Donor Value Management® is all about creating value FOR donors -- as well as understanding the value OF donors to your organization.

You can learn what your donors consider value through a process called Donor Value Mapping®... an exclusive research process.

You can use these leading-edge tools to dramatically enhance the way you cultivate relationships with your donors -- and improve your ability not only to satisfy, but to delight them in their involvement with you.


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